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On Property Retail Units

There are a number of retail units on the property so there are some things you can get done without having to leave. The retail units are included and will offer guests such conveniences as convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, a grocery store and a number of other retail conveniences. This is great as it allows you the opportunity to get out of your unit and walk around not having to worry about commute to go grab a cup of coffee with a friend and neighbor. The same can be said for making a dinner date after a long day at work as you can do this right here on property so no need to worry about a commute.  

Facilities & Amenities  

Designed as a resort you are certain that these residences offers a wide variety of amenities and facilities to the residents Starting with the clubhouse you will find a kidney bean shaped structure which is at the center of it all. On the exterior of the property you will find a number of playgrounds for children as well as an open park and a kiddie water slide. The adults can enjoy a basketball court, the beach club, the poolside bar, the Roof Decks and so much more.

The Paris Beach Club

Azure residents as well as their guests can enjoy the Paris Beach Club. It can be used for relaxation, dining, play, fitness and for small gatherings as well. It features a furnished lounge with stylish furniture arranged so you can have a gorgeous view of both the pool and the property’s manmade beach. Inside the beach club is a candy and ice cream bar for the kids and the kids at heart. The fitness center can also be found inside the beach club as well as exclusive spas for both male and females. The beach club is also home to a play room for the kids, an additional game room, a movie theatre and a lounge for the residents. You can find outdoor cafes nearby to the beach club as well.

Outdoor Facilities & Amenities

There is a 25 meter lap pool that is partially covered to protect you from the rays of the sun while swimming. This is a great place to get in some cardio exercise while not worrying about having too much impact on your joints. The pool is equipped with lounge beds for your sunbathing pleasure and can also be characterized as an infinity pool as water from the lap pool overflows into a wave pool. 

There is a beach volleyball court at the beach where a selection of the sand that makes up the beach can be used for a great game of volleyball. There is also a basketball court if you would rather have some court time out of water. Bear in mind that for the basketball court you will have to make reservations with the concierge.

Roof Decks

The roof decks are a great space to go and relax. They are equipped with wooden seats for your seating pleasure and are designed uniquely with green gardens so you can escape to its tranquil garden like oasis after a rough week or long day. They also provide you with amazing and expansive views of the area and make for beautiful photos of sunsets and sunrises alike.

  • Beach Volleyball Area
  • Open Park
  • Zen Garden
  • Grand Entrance Fountains
  • Multiple Playgrounds
  • Lap Pool with cascading waterfall
  • Basketball Court
  • Multipurpose Court
  • Azure Roof Decks
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Aside from the brilliantly planned Azure Beach as the Azure Urban Resort Residences’ masterpiece and centerpiece, the Azure Beach Club is also another of the site’s famous amenity and attraction. But it does not end at these amenities. The project has still more to offer. The Azure Beach Club also offers function rooms, indoor restaurants, Al Fresco dining, ice cream and candy bar, gym and studio, male spa, female spa, locker rooms, movie room, game room, children’s playroom, and infirmary.

Be stunned with other of the Azure’s amenities that include a 25-meter lap pool that has floating sunbathing beds, and an infinity pool which overflows into the wave pool below. The site has also a beach volleyball court with netting and fine white sand, a basketball court, and a unique bean-shaped clubhouse fronting the colossal Azure Beach. To give you a greater view of the skyline of Parañaque City, you are also treated with the Azure Roofdecks, an assembly of wooden seats, leafy gardens, and a distinct and delightful place to enjoy the beautiful view.

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